About VA in the City

Virtual Assistant in the City is where I document and share what I have learned so far working as a virtual assistant for six years.

My journey as a VA has been headache-inducing, eye-opening, fun, challenging, crazy, and so far, worth the sleepless nights and migraine.

I love that I can work in the comforts of my room, sometimes most of the time still in my pajamas, earn as much as I want to, go on vacation easily, and do what I'm really passionate about which is writing. I am more productive and happier now compared to when I was working in a conventional office.

I'm mostly blogging on my personal blog About Life and Love where I also feature products and services (for a fee), and other bloggers as guests.

You're welcome to contribute on Dear You, a venue for unsent letters.

Join me as I grow my skills and knowledge of the world wide web, try to decipher the ambiguity of HTML and CSS, and work my way into time and financial freedom (don't we all want that?) as a thriving virtual assistant in the city.

I help businesses reach their target audience and grow at Internet Marketing Ad.
I'm also on Twitter, and Facebook.

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