I attended the Virtual Assistant seminar last June 28 by Jomar Hilario.  

There were some obstacles that I encountered going to the seminar which almost discouraged me from pushing through with it.  

First, the traffic was heavier than usual. Next, there was a long queue at the terminal and to top it all, I took the bus with a different route! Needless to say, I was late for the seminar.

Good thing though, I only missed the introduction part. I was not late for the Virtual assistant seminar proper so to speak.

The money that I paid for the Virtual Assistant seminar was so worth it. My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of what working from home as a virtual assistant can bring. Jomar Hilario did not sugar coat the seminar by just telling us the perks of being a virtual assistant. He also showed to us the disadvantages of working from home as a VA. But the pros outweighed the cons in a major way.

I have realized that rendering my eight hours everyday, five days a week is not well compensated and not a smart move at all. Staying at home also allows you to spend more time on the things (and people at that) that matters most.

This virtual assistant seminar was an answer to my prayer. A door for numerous opportunities that I know will then lead me to places beyond my imagination. 

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