How To Increase Blog Traffic The Non-Technical Way

There are different ways you can do to get more views on your page without laboring on SEO, HTMLs and other technical stuff. Here's how to increase blog traffic the non-technical way:

How To Increase Blog Traffic The Non-Technical Way

1. Guest Blogging.

There are blog sites with a growing number of readers that accept guest bloggers. Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills while promoting your blog site.

Guest Blogging
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2. Join Blogging Communities.

You will find like-minded individuals who are willing to support you in your endeavors and even share with you tips about blogging. As a member of the community, don’t just dump your links.

Connect with other bloggers. Read their post and comment graciously. Give honest but tactful feedback that you think will help improve their blog. People appreciate concerned comments. They will show their appreciation by visiting your blog, leaving a good feedback and even sharing your link to their readers or friends.

Join Blogging Communities

3. Write sensible and interesting articles.

Write a topic that will catch the interest of your readers. Remember that it’s about what your reader want and not about you. Being a reader myself I look for 3 things in a blog post: a. It must be entertaining. b. It must be informative. c. It must be new or unique. If a content has all these 3 things, I’m hooked! I’ll keep on coming back and even recommend it to others.

Write sensible and interesting articles
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4. Organize your page.

There’s nothing like a disorganized site to drive readers away. Loud background music, font that hurts the eyes, too much animation or gif, designs that are irrelevant to the blog are distractions. Remove all nuisances. Let the focus of the blog be on your content. Don't confuse your readers.

Organize your page
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5. Use eye-catching images relevant to the topic.

Most people are visual. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. A picture can help get your message come across more clearly. It also serves as an added entertainment.

Use eye-catching images relevant to the topic
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6. Write often.

Your frequent visitors want to see different and new topics every time. They expect to learn new things. You become their go to person for information, so you must always update your page.

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7. Make a short but straight to the point bio or About Me.

Write a brief background about yourself. Your interest mostly give a hint as to what your reader can expect from you, i.e. traveling, book reviews, dating articles, current events or technology. Make sure to also include a photo or a caricature of yourself. People want to see real people and they need to know they are connecting with a human being.

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8. Include your contact information.

Although there is a comment box, some readers would want to connect with you directly. Some will be asking you questions that they may not find comfortable writing in the comment box.

Include your contact information
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9. Include social media buttons

+1 helps increase your ranking. Share or Tweet button too helps make it easier for readers to spread the word about your blog.

 Include your contact information
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What other ways do you do to increase your blog traffic?

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