Did you know that you can actually earn money without leaving your house? Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible. In my personal blog About Life and Love, I shared the pros of working from home.

Here are some of them:


No dress code.

Because there are times when you're just not up for dressing up---or even combing your hair (am I the only one?). You know you can be productive in your yoga pants anyway, so why bother wearing office attire?

No more commuting.

Especially helpful when you live in a flood-prone area--or country for that matter. And gosh the traffic! Horror stories!

No office politics.

We all have that boss. And we all have that colleague.

Easy to travel (or go on vacation).

You can seriously bring your work with you anywhere. (Well as long as there's a steady internet connection and power).

More extra time for yourself and others.

Some online clients allows flexi time so you can organize your schedule to spend more time with yourself, or your loved ones. Personally, I work while my dogs are sleeping on my bed or on the floor. That quiet quality time is priceless.

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Have you ever thought about quitting your job, but couldn't because you don't know how to earn money if you would? Working from home is the answer.

Have you tried it? How was your experience so far?

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