Simple Tips For Successful Blogging

You write a compelling content, you labor on your graphics, you even try to promote your blog on social media. But, nothing. No likes, no shares, no comments, and a very high bounce rate. WHY??? What have you not done? Oh, but what have you overdone too? Stop the self-pity and take note of these simple tips for successful blogging.

Simple Tips For Successful Blogging

It's not you, it's your font.

White font against a black background? Neon fonts? Font styles that are barely readable? Of course anyone who values their time---and eyes would not last 3 seconds on your page. It doesn't matter if you write as poetically as Maya Angelou or your message is as compelling as Michelle Obama's. They just won't read it if it hurts their eyes. 

Make sure your fonts are simple, legible, and does not hurt your readers eyes. Tweet!

It's not you, it's your font.

Grab your audience's attention.

The best way to grab someone's attention is to tell a story. Especially the one you know they can relate to. A good content--an interesting, relatable, easy to understand one, you're sure to grab your readers' attention until the end. 

Keep your audience hanging up to the last word. Tweet!

Keep graphics to the minimum.

You want your content to be the focus of your blog. You want to draw your readers to, well, what they'll be reading. Keep the graphics to the minimum. Too much going on in your blog could be distracting and will leave your readers confused. Notice the major blogs and how clean their pages are. It's more about the content and less about the graphics. 

Keep it simple. Tweet!
Keep graphics to the minimum.

Use images

Although your blog should focus on your content, it is equally important to use images to give your readers' eyes "a break" from all the reading. Images should be entertaining and related to the blog content. It must also be shareable on social media to increase the chances of your content being shared. 

Images are like ice-breakers--relevant ice-breakers on your blog. Use it well. Tweet!

Link up

Every new blog post is a chance to promote older blog posts. Link up to your existing blog content or another blog site. That's a hack in promoting without being so in-your-face kind of promotion. You're welcome.

Utilize the content of your new blog by promoting old ones. Tweet!

Link up

Share buttons

Don't make it hard for your readers to share your post. Add share buttons on your blog post or page so that sharing is only a few clicks away. Make sharing simple even for the busiest visitor. Provide them with the tools.

Add share buttons on your post and encourage sharing among your readers. Tweet!

Be patient

You can't make yourself an overnight success on blogging. Unless of course you're  a major celebrity who already have a big following online. All you have to do is announce it to your legion of fans and give them the link and traffic will start pouring in your page.

But for us mere mortals, it pays to be patient. 

Be patient in learning new things, be patient in failing, be patient in trying.

Be patient and in the end, you will see your patience will pay off. Tweet!

Be patient

Do you have some tips for blogging? Share in the comment please!

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  1. I'm new to this blogging world. Great tips! xx


  2. Lots of good suggestions there. I've visited some blogs that I just couldn't read because they hurt my eyes.